Instructional Videos available Nov 2017

Balanced Body = Balanced Life

Symmetric Rolling is the “FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH FOR OUR BODY”. A powerful therapy that enables you to re-align and re-balance your body, while increasing your flexibility and blood flow. Furthermore you will experience increased levels of energy and vibration producing a clearer and more positive mind.

The Benefits of Symmetric Rolling

Re-aligns your body

After taking a few assessments of your body, we then strategically release appropriate adhesions in the fascia/muscles that are shortened from injury or improper posture. The releases allow the bone structure to return to natural alignment.

Increased Flexibility

Through Symmetric Rolling you will significantly lengthen the muscles, unwind the fascia showing a change in one hour that would normally take 12 weeks of stretching/massages. If you've never touched your toes, try it & you will!

Increased Energy

When the body is out of alignment we experience fatigue because you must work harder to move it. When the body/posture is aligned our joints flow without pain which uses less effort allowing us to use more energy for other aspects of our daily lives.

Increased Bloodflow

When areas in the body have scar tissue or have lost flexibility there is a reduced ability for energy and blood to flow through them. Symmetric Rolling unlocks the tissue and the blocks allowing blood and energy to flow through and circulate in areas that are now open to receive healing.

Improves Posture

The natural posture of the body is lost in everyday life ie: sitting, standing with uneven weight distribution, driving, computer work, and phones. Symmetric Rolling opens up areas that become tight and restricted from living/working. This allows more space in the body letting you to sit/stand taller, move better with more balance.

Increased Range of Motion

Symmetric Rolling has the ability to lengthen/restore the fascia/muscles to the young and soft tissue as it is intended to be. It will significantly increase the space in your joints creating more fluid movement without the typical snap, crackle and painful pops most of us experience on a daily basis.