When is training a WASTE OF TIME?

Why do we strength train? Basically to build muscle or create movement patterns.

When is training useless? When the skeletal structure is out of alignment the intended muscles targeted for training (contraction) are bio-mechanically and physiologically (chemically) unable to complete the desired movement.

What are the scientific reason for this muscle contraction failure? 

Click here for — National Academy of Sports Medicine Definitions of terms I am using below
optimal resting length– basically your muscles only work (contract) when they are at a natural length-tension relationship. When the skeletal structure is out of alignment due to shortened/tight muscles/fascia a thing called reciprocal inhibition occurs. This is where partner movers (main movers/agonist and secondary movers/antagonist) inhibit one another. Say for example your bicep is shortened from an injury or repetitive texting or working on computers (many possible reasons) and that shortened bicep has an improper length (length tension relationship). Because muscles work in coordination as teams to move our bones that weak/shortened muscle now affects the entire joint movement teams ability to properly function. So the bicep is short now the tricep cannot go to full contraction (extension of the arm to straighten it) there for the muscle can only be trained as the biceps range of motion will allow. It’s pointless to build the tricep when it can only move 70% of its full range of motion due to the shortened bicep. You are asking for muscle tears weight training in this physical environment.  The tricep is INHIBITED. Now the rest of the joint moving team has to stop their normal jobs and do the work of the tricep putting more stress on areas overworking muscles doing twice their normal work. This is SYNERGISTIC DOMINANCE of the team working to pick up the slack of the inhibited muscles. 

This scenario happens all over the body. When some physical therapist and trainers continually correct the person and the person cannot perform the correction, the trainer gives up and just trains them anyway and the client receives ill effects. But the client doesn’t know any better because half of it is selling the idea of results not actually achieving them. It’s more of a mind manipulation as a good PT or trainer knows better but just does it anyway pretending everything is ok. When a practitioner ignores this issue and allows their client to train while their structure is out of alignment they build unattractive shaped muscles and are leading them down the path to injury. Aka setting people up for failure.

Now there are many practitioners that try and try and try to change the posture and open the muscles but the fascia is so hard and casted that it’s impossible, literally with the techniques that are out there today to change a persons flexibility after years of tightness. These guys are not intentionally ignoring the issue but really there is nothing available to them to truly do anything about it… These are the people that I want to share my knowledge with.

Click here to see literally when casting happens to muscles from a physicians mouth —-What happens inside the body

The ideal scenario is every practitioner has this system in their tool belt and every week they have an additional session soley focused on correcting these alignment and flexibility issues which instantly make the skeletal structure change therefore allowing the desired muscles targeted for contraction to work.

When I have clients come to me with physical therapists and trainers and they symmroll, making large changes in the tissue and their bodies are too weak to stand upright because the muscles have not been trained I feel the person has been let down. It’s not anyone’s fault they don’t know there is a way to effectively train but it doesn’t stop the disappointment seeing customer spending and wasting their money and efforts.

It’s truly useless time wise to spend months paying to try to stretch away a casted body shape. What happens inside the body

It’s not possible therefore strength training in bad posture with extreme inflexibility is a WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY when the place it leads you to is more mechanical issues, poorly shaped muscles and eventually injury taking clients out of sessions all together.
This will stir the pot with some people I know but why do you think I developed this system? I was tired of wasting my time and my clients time and money. 

Let’s evolve this and train intelligently. Without moderate alignment mobility is impossible.

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