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A life changing video testimonial by Ronny M.

​​A powerful video testimonial of Brian B.

“As a physician, I went to my first symmetric body rolling session with a fair amount of skepticism.  I have now had a total of nine sessions with the formidable (though tiny) Stephanie Lay, and that skepticism is long gone.  Stephanie is a delightful woman with a very interesting biography.

She is a skilled physical trainer, aspiring surfer with an education in body kinetics.  Her knowledge of functional anatomy is very impressive.  So are her skills in treating the aches and pains that are an inevitable part of life.  Stephanie has an eye for spotting postural and muscular imbalances.

She calls her practice “symmetric” rolling because her goal is to correct these imbalances and restore the body’s symmetry. There are no fancy gadgets and/or “woo-woo” stuff involved.  Which is not to say that she doesn’t get magical results–she does.  She gently guides you through maneuvers on various sizes of wooden balls and rollers.  Your own body weight provides the pressure that relaxes the fascia surrounding major muscle groups.  The process ranges from downright painful to pleasurable.

For me and the others that I have watched work with Stephanie, any pain is more than compensated by the improved postural symmetry and added range of motion.   I urge even you skeptics to try it, I will wager that you will be as delighted as I am.”

– Dr. Mary McDaniel

“Symmetrical Rolling improved not only my surfing performance, but my health as well. Prior to rolling, my posture and body alignment was bad, affecting my muscle strength and breathing. Steph worked with me to achieve proper posture with symmetric rolling by:

1. Identifying asymmetrical muscle groups due to my lifestyle

2. Focusing sessions on target muscles until symmetry is achieved

3. Whole-body rolling to increase flexibility and blood flow.

The first few sessions were tough, like a DEEP tissue massage, but less glamorous and more effective. Each consequent session became easier and easier as the hardened muscle fibers broke down.”

Keoni Jones, Pro Surfer

“When I was first introduced to Stephanie for fitness training, she was very knowledgeable & fun with her killer workouts, after getting to know her better she shared with us her symmetrical rolling technique! It was truly amazing, coming from a very athletic background, I was extremely grateful that she did! My posture was so much better!  My husband also felt great benefits from her rolling.  He is an avid surfer and felt the incredible relief and had clearly straighter posture right away!  She has created an incredible method of  aligning and healing the body!  I recommend it to everyone!”

Marie Rittenhouse

“Stephanie has an in depth knowledge of the body and has been a valuable resourse in delivering and implimenting strength and conditioning to me in a way specific to my sport of triathlon.  Stephs workouts have helped me to strengthen areas of weakness while targeting areas needed to maximise my performance.

And to balance it all out, Steph has a unique approach to releasing tension in muscles with her symmetrical rolling tools.  One session rolling with Steph will accomplish more than the average sports massage will, and Steph provides you with the knowlegde to do it at home in your own time.”

Leanda R. Cave, Pro Triathlete

“Rolling has helped me recover from injuries, and has allowed me to reach flexibility quick. My posture has changed drastically in the past 2 years with allot of credit going to rolling knots out and allowing for even muscle growth and comfort. Rolling out my IT band and scar tissue constantly has also reduced the risk of arthritis in my knees.”


“As a lifelong sports enthusiast I am well aware of pain associated with sports activities.  As I started to get to, and into my 40’s, I was feeling what I assumed might be the chronic pain that a very active life or past injuries might leave me with.  Debating the idea of an operation, or thinking that would be necessary, I then met Stephanie.

After participating in her rolling technique I truly felt a relief from many of those chronic pains.  My left shoulder or muscles/tendons were “popping” just in normal motion, and the range of motion I could go through was starting to seem limited.  My right knee would consistently give me days of pain or feel “fatigued” that often  seemed to be brought on by daily things like walking up stairs or long days at work.

Both of those chronic pains and symptoms were tremendously affected and alleviated after a rolling session with Stephanie.  Not only did her technique take away chronic pains and give me back full range of motion, I was keenly more aware of my posture and the role it might play.  I had on overall better body feeling  To this note, after using her technique a few people actually commented on my good posture!

I can say I do not see a time in future life that I will not practice what I have learned from her or not continue to use this system on a regular basis.  What is most enjoyable about this technique is that after learning it, and using her mana balls or rebel roller, it can be done at my leisure in the comfort of my home, or anywhere else that permits.  It’s like having your own personal masseuse when you want them, where you want them.”


–Hamstrings– Before & After Video of 1 session with Judge Lo 

“steph – i am just elated that i can finally bend down and touch my toes!!! after several years of yoga and stretching, i almost concluded that i would never be able to do this.

i rolled my hams out again this a.m., on a bench, and i could bend forward and touch my knee w/ my nose. (yesterday, i had trouble even leaning forward into the stretch). another great accomplishment for me!!!!

i tried sleeping w/ legs extended and was successful for the most part. at times, upon realizing i was back in a fetal position, i corrected myself and stretched out.

my low back pain is finally improving!!! THANK YOU!!”

Judge Lo