Training Philosophy & Credentials



Training Philosophy

My mission is to improve a client’s quality of life with a holistic approach to training, flexibility, and nutrition.

I utilize body alignment functional training methods and work to guide them through a lifestyle change that will help them reach and maintain their specific personal goals.

I specialize in the following areas:  TRX Suspension System, Creative sports performance, Flexibility training, Body alignment training, Nutrition and weight control, Increasing energy and alleviating chronic pain through Symmetric Rolling.



  • Bachelors degree in Kinesiology (study of human movement) via American College of Sports Medicine @ T.W.U. ’06
  • Lifetime Certification via The Cooper Clinic ’03
  • Over 15 years experience including 2 years in US Army
  • BFIT PNF stretching certification
  • APEX nutrition certification
  • 24 hour fitness NASM self myofascial release education credits
  • Kickboxing training education credits
  • Extreme action sports training rep for VEWDO balance boards
  • Expert Advisor on from 2010-2011
  • Contributor to “The ABC’s of Sports” on Sirius Radio, Channel 123
  • Featured in Hawaii Business Magazine’s small business section article “Carving a Niche”
  • Featured on the cover of The Honolulu Advertiser “Posture Workshop” 


Pro Athlete Clientele 

Football: Tony Dixon

Snowboarders: Eddie Wall, Mason Agguire, Chanelle Sladics

Sponsored Surfers: Kelly Slater, Daniel Jones, Kahea Hart, Keoni Jones, Mikala Jones, Dean Morrison, Bethany Hamilton, Flynn Novak, Rochelle Ballard, Amee Donahoe, Isaiah Moniz, Seth Moniz, Kelia Moniz, Micah Moniz, Josh Moniz, John Quizon, Barak Maor, Justin Johnson, Evyn Tyndzic, Buddy Wiggins, Shea Hodges, Christopher Taloa, Kylen Yamakawa, Travis Tominaga, Travis Martin, Daniel Bachman, Keala Kennelly, Ezekiel Lau, Coco Ho

Triathlon: Team Sirius and Ironman Champion Leanda Cave