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SymmRoll 12 Instructional Videos – $50

Below, with my approval, you can purchase your very own custom made Mana Balls and Rebel Rollers! “patent pending”


  • 1x LG Mana Ball
  • 1x Rebel Roller
  • 2x SM Mana Balls

A Complete SymmRoll Set

Each piece of equipment is custom made to address all of the areas of the body. You can access a few of my FREE Symmetric Rolling Youtube instructional videos at the bottom of this page. You can also purchase an online session via facetime/skype by clicking on “pay and schedule“. Scheduling a session will allow me to assess you and advise you on which equipment pieces to buy and what your specific alignment needs are.

Shipping- Standard shipping is FREE within the continental United States. Production and delivery may take up to 6 weeks for the custom equipment. You can request express or priority mail and pay the difference for the expedited shipping. Thank you for your support!

YOU ARE USING THIS EQUIPMENT/METHOD AT YOUR OWN RISK without guidance from a Certified Symmetric Rolling practitioner. No one associated with Symmetric Rolling – Copyright © 2017 [Stephanie Lay] All Rights Reserved – is liable in any way.

Payment options-

  • CASH
  • VENMO – @Dub_Steph
  • PAYPAL –

Rebel Roller- $125.00 USD 


Rebel Roller

Large Mana Ball- $100.00 USD 

Large Mana Ball

Small Mana Ball- $30.00 USD 


Small Mana Ball


Some free instruction.